Wellcome to Dirollo Phones

Stressed and wondering how you can get approved for a mobile phone plan? Have you done everything in your power to get a mobile phone contract to no avail? Do you feel like you have nowhere else to go because of the incessant rejections? If this is the tribulation you are undergoing simply because you have a poor credit rating, you need to relax as Dirollo Phones has all the answer to your questions.

For a couple of years now, we have been at the forefront of helping thousands of UK residents snag a mobile contract deal their credit score notwithstanding. We believe in according our customers equal opportunities their credit rating notwithstanding with the core objective of ensuring that we get as many people as possible get a chance to enjoy the perks that come with a mobile contract.

Our commitment to the satisfaction of our customers is what makes us a top tier guaranteed mobile contract provider across the UK. We are constantly informed by the desire to better the lives of our esteemed customers and this is why we continue to be the provider of choice when it comes to provision of guaranteed mobile phone contracts. The need to offer this type of contract was informed by our desire to fill a gap after we noticed that numerous people were increasingly being denied an opportunity to enjoy mobile contract perks simply because their credit score was nothing to write home about.

Dirollo Phones recognized this need and set out to change the way majority of providers viewed those with a less than average credit score. We started offering guaranteed contracts with the sole objective of ensuring that we get as many UK citizens as possible on board. Our belief that no one should be denied an opportunity to enjoy perks that come with having a mobile contract is what has set us apart from other providers. Our forays across the UK and our commitment to help as many customers as possible is what has made us scale the ladders in recent years to become a top tier provider in guaranteed mobile phone contracts.

In our endeavor to offer the best services to our customers, we have made efforts to partner with industry leaders and information hubs such as Money Supermarket to ensure that the ultimate decision you make concerning mobile phone contracts is informed. In fact, a sneak peek at this sitesneak peek at this site will open your eyes to a world of mobile phone contracts as well as learn ways in which you can apply for a contract that suits your tastes, preferences and even budget. We believe that ours is a good course and our main aim is to ensure that credit checks don’t act as a hindrance every time people with a less than stellar credit score apply for a mobile phone contract.

What you stand to benefit with our guaranteed contracts

When you apply for our guaranteed contracts, you get peace of mind in the assurance that your application will be approved. We are also inherently affordable which means you can apply for a plan of your choice without burning a hole in your pocket. You also get access to professional advice which means you choose a plan from an informed platform. We also offer different kinds of handsets and you get to choose a plan with a phone of your choice. We believe in continuous improvement and as such customer satisfaction is at the core of our objectives.


As Dirollo Phones, we believe that efficiency in our operations and quality of our services is what has put us above our competitors over the years. It’s what has given us a competitive advantage in our desire to offer affordable plans to our customers. As such, we make it a priority to approve guaranteed mobile phone contracts applications within 24 hours or 48 hours in the latest. Try us today for unbeatable offers and unrivalled services!