What do you mean by a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

As the name implies, with a guaranteed mobile phone contract, we are definitely giving you the guarantee or the assurance that you will be approved for a contract your credit score or history of CCJs notwithstanding. We started this plan with the sole aim of ensuring that we bring on board people that for a long time have had to deal with numerous rejections when it comes to approval of mobile phone contracts.

What are the basic requirements for guaranteed mobile contracts?

As is the case with other standard mobile contracts, we require that you be a bonafide citizen of United Kingdom, permanently reside in the UK, and be a person of legal age. Additionally, we also require that you exhibit or provide us proof that you are in gainful employment, self employed or simply part time employed.

How long does it take before I am approved for a guaranteed mobile contract?

We believe that our success is pegged on a number of factors the foremost being our ability to approve applications within the shortest time possible. In light of the above, considering the fact that you’ve provided us with all the information at the time of application, we can assure you of applications in a couple of hours. Basically, how fast your application is approved is dependent on you.

Do you perform credit checks?

Generally, credit checks are mandatory for all UK mobile providers prior to approving a contract. However, the fact that we offer guaranteed contracts means that credit scores have no bearing on whether we approve your contract or not. We simply use results of credit checks to help hook you up with a plan that best suits your preferences and budget.

What are the circumstances under which my application could be rejected?

As we had stated earlier, we offer guaranteed contracts which mean you have the assurance of an approval when making an application with us. However, there are a number of occasions in which we could reject your application. These are: instances where you provide false information in your application and secondly, instances where your application has errors of omission and commission.

Is it mandatory to pay an upfront deposit?

While it’s not mandatory to pay an upfront deposit, doing so could actually help you get a better deal than what you are currently getting without paying a down payment. In other words, the lesser the risk on our side, the better the deal we offer you on guaranteed contracts.

How many plans are available to choose from?

We respect and ascribe to the power of choice. What this ostensibly means is that we do not limit you to a single plan simply because you have a poor credit rating. We therefore offer diversified plans to accord our customers an opportunity to choose a plan in tandem with their tastes and needs.

Do you also offer refurbished mobile phones?

We understand that people are not on the same ship financially. With the different budgets, we offer refurbished phones which are generally cheaper as compared to contracts with brand new phones. As such, if you feel as if your budget is limited, you can always apply for a guaranteed phone contract.

How many types of phones are on offer with guaranteed contracts?

We have as many phones on offer as you can possibly imagine. Whether you have a soft spot for HTC phones, Motorola handsets, iPhones, Samsung series phones, Nokia or any kind of handset you can think of, we’ve got you covered.

What is the minimum period I can be committed to a guaranteed contract?

We require that you be locked in for a guaranteed contract for a period not less than 18 months.