about us

Dirollo Phones was started with the sole aim of ensuring that we help thousands of people situated in every corner of United Kingdom get approved for a contract without their credit rating coming into play. We have over the years been able to assist as many people as possible struggling with a poor credit rating get an approval. The fact that we offer guaranteed contracts speaks volumes as we are able to give our customers an assurance of approval irrespective of the debilitating status their credit score might be in. We noticed that a number of people get denied a contract simply because their credit score is in shambles.

With the understanding that a poor credit rating is not always a reflection of a person’s poor financial management, we set out to offer affordable guaranteed mobile phone contracts to our customers struggling with a low credit score in the UK. We are not only committed to help thousands snag a deal for themselves but are also committed to help our customers make informed decisions. Simply put, we have enlisted the professional help of customer personnel that have undergone proper training and have an understanding of the mobile phone industry to be able to dispense proper advice to our customers.

We are always seeking for partnership with industry leaders to find a way in which we can better the services we offer our customers. It is for this reason why we have continued to be a top tier provider in UK and always work tirelessly to ensure that we exceed the expectations of our customers.

About us

Should you have any questions about guaranteed contracts or have a suggestion or recommendation on aspects we need to improve on as regards the plans we offer or the process of approval, feel free to contact us by sending us an email.