How to go about applying for guaranteed mobile phone contracts

Before guaranteed mobile contracts were a reality, applying for a phone contract for a person with a poor credit rating was a herculean task. It was an involving process that always ended in disappointment and frustration for individuals with a less than stellar credit rating. Most of the time, those with a poor credit history had to cross their fingers hoping that they would be approved. With a contract that offers guarantee of approval, those with a poor credit history finally got the much needed reprieve. They could now apply for phone contracts without having to cross their fingers hoping for the best.

However, getting the best deal or provider offering guaranteed contracts require that you do certain things right. It’s not about approaching any provider offering guaranteed contracts but rather taking the time to do business with the right provider. So how do you go about applying for guaranteed contracts? What are some of the things you need to take into consideration?


Before you do business with any provider, it’s essential that you take their reputation into consideration. Go for providers with a solid reputation and a proven track record in delivery of exemplary services. You could do a small research of providers within your locality and read a number of reviews or recommendations. In most cases, providers with a good reputation have stellar reviews from their past customers.

Investigate the guaranteed mobile plans on offer

Different providers have different guaranteed plans that they offer their customers. Of course, taking your budget and tastes into mind, it’s essential that you investigate the plans on offer and ascertain whether they meet your needs or not. Does the plan being offered fit your expectations in terms of budget and needs? Is there an opportunity for an upgrade in the foreseeable future? All these considerations are of essence if you are to get a contract that offers you the best perks.

Negotiate for a better deal

Generally, the benefits that come with guaranteed mobile contracts are not cast in stone. You do not have to accept what has been offered if you feel that they do not sufficiently meet your needs. You can always negotiate for a better deal. Providers are always looking for loyal and long term customers. In this regard, playing the loyalty card can work magic in terms of getting a better deal.

Read the fine print

The number one mistake most people make is signing a contract without reading the fine print. With so many dishonest providers in the market, reading the terms and conditions before you put pen to paper is of essence. It helps you avoid cases of hidden charges in the foreseeable future.

Once you have done all the above and satisfied, you can now go ahead and apply for a guaranteed contract.